Another chapter

Starting last summer, or half a year now, I have been going through a very active phase of spiritual evolution, which I think is still ongoing. I feel that it’s akin to puberty, just less physical and more mental and philosophical. I learned a lot, and I changed a lot. Personally, internally, I experienced waves after waves of challenges and growth.

I started this blog treating spirituality as a separate, distinct, hidden aspect of my life that was never to be public. Now that evolutionary tide is demanding me to integrate all the aspects I had in mind for myself into one whole. One face that is no longer just my “magic” face, but my face. To actually own and be accountable for my spirituality, my opinions, my thoughts and not tuck it away in a safe corner, hidden behind anonymity that can be safely discarded.

The personal reports of Quareia practice have served their purpose. I’m now ready to internalize the responsibility for its fulfillment.┬áMy progress in Quareia is now where it should be: internal, where I am to hone my discipline on my own and hold myself accountable for my success.

I no longer see the old reports as suitable for the public; they were written in an unstable and unconscious mindset, and I overshared in those posts. This integration is not about sharing everything; it’s about integrating all public facets and establishing barrier between the public and the private. I have since archived those posts.

And what is to become of this blog? It is no longer my “magic” place, but my place. I will use it to write about all the topics that I care about, and no longer keep it for only documenting magical practice.